Alexis and Karol are pumping up one balloon together using the foot pump.
5 minutes

Katy has filled her bed with rose Unique 16" balloons to play with.
She's blowing up one more balloon until it's nice and round. But no, no popping today.
Katy is pushing the air out of this and one even bigger pre-inflated Unique 26" balloon.
10 minutes

Lola knows about you non-poppers out there and here she is, blowing up one ClubSteffi logo balloon for you.
Enjoy her provocative look at you and her puffy cheeks while blowing. Once the balloon has reached a good size, she just lets it fly.
11 minutes

Tequila and Lucie are some hard boiled balloon poppers, but today they bring her new plaything. Jule is a very natural girl from the countryside,
and today she will be teached in balloon popping. Tequila and Lucie are instructing her on how to pop her first balloons, before they join the action.
13 minutes

Angelina is wearing tight jeans, red heels and a red shirt. And of course she's blowing up one red balloon.
5 minutes

Foxy Sanie is showing us her acrobatic skills when popping a bunch of ClubSteffi balloons with her finger nails and high heels.
10 minutes

Angel and Angelina are having a balloonrace.
6 minutes

Karol is about to sitpop 5 black and 5 transparent Unique 16“ balloons on top of you.
8 minutes

Katy Rose introduces herself with a black Unique 16“ balloon blow-to-pop.
7 minutes

Lucie and Tequila are deflating one huge black monster balloon, but not before they have bounced on it.
8 minutes

Another constantly requested clip. Angelina is inflating 3 punching ball balloons with her hand- and foot pump. Barefoot and with High Heels.
11 minutes

Lola is here for you to test the bounciness of the all new ClubSteffi logo balloon. And guess what, her butt does the job.
9 minutes

Lucie is here to lube up her breasts and gets messy with a balloon on your lap.
11 minutes

Karol is blowing up one balloon until it’s nice and big, then she starts to bounce on it until it pops.
8 minutes

Dusty is about to challenge her fear of popping balloons. Evil Tequila already knows how to treat Dusty right.
She’s putting her into a cage, filling it up with balloons and leaves Dusty alone for a while.
But when Dusty thinks, it can’t get worse, Tequila is coming back, to pop all the balloons with her finger nails.
8 minutes

Melly is having a huge finger nail masspop.
10 minutes

Angelina is riding one giant blue balloon in different positions.
You can enjoy her bouncing in slow-motion for some minutes, before she opens the plastic clip and deflates this monster between her legs.
8 minutes

Karol & Alexis are having a balloonrace.
6 minutes

You come home after another failed business opportunity and your girl friend Lola is pretty upset about that.
But she knows how to build you up. she starts to blow up a balloon for you, teasing you with ideas about what could happen next.
But you wonder, why was she putting on make-up? The moment you think about it, Lola stops teasing you abruptly.
She confesses that she is about to leave on a date with a guy she met online.
Lola is leaving the apartment, leaving you alone with your thought about, what kinds of balloon play she's about to do with that other guy.
7 minutes

Here is a hot one-on-one date with naughty Melly, teasing you with a blow-to-pop and german dirty talk.
6 minutes

Angel and Angelina are sitpopping a bunch of balloons, wearing pink spandex leggings. They even start to slap their butts a couple of times.
After they've popped all the balloons, the girls start to ride an black airship balloons.
They take their tops off and Angelina drools her spit over the balloon. After they deflated the balloon both girls spit in it.
17 minutes

You’re in bed with Karol. She wants to do an b2p for you, but as naughty as you are, you can’t keep your hands off her.
After coming on to her, she’s getting upset and pops the balloon with her finger nails.
3 minutes

Angelina is back for more balloon play. She's riding and sitpopping two red balloons, before she deflates one yellow balloon by riding it down.
10 minutes

Marc sent us some balloons to get popped by a girls toes.
Rebecca Volpetti took her stockings and leg warmers on and started to fulfill Marc's wishes.
6 minutes

Tequila comes home late, but she has a surprise for her boyfriend. She's going to blow him, blow him up.
Her boyfriend likes the way his blown up belly feels, but this won't last very long as Tequila keeps on blowing.
4 minutes

Alexis and Karol are wearing nothing but a nylon catsuit when riding a blue Rifco GL500 balloon. Finally they open the mouthpiece and ride it down.
As a bonus scene at the end of the clip, you can see which balloon the girls wanted to ride actually.
9 minutes

Melly is sitpopping a bunch of colorful balloons.
7 minutes

Tequila is dressed like a mean motorcycle queen, leather pants, leather jacket and spiky high heels.
She has some balloons in her room to fool around.
Sadly they all get popped.
5 minutes

Another czech massacre. This time with Alexis and Karol building a tag team to heel- and sitpop a bunch of balloons.
13 minutes

Angel is looking forward to an extremely long b2p. A 36“ smily face is the balloon of her choice. She’s blowing by mouth and with a plastic valve.
Finally the balloons get’s popped, but not by Angel’s breath.
10 minutes

Karol Lilien is playing again with the all new ClubSteffi logo balloon. But no pops this time.
She blowing it up and tests it’s performance pretty roughly before she’s riding it down.
8 minutes

Rebecca and Anina have a full bottle of helium in her bedroom and they are about to have some fun with it.
First they inflate some balloons and let them rest at the ceiling and then they have some fun inhaling the helium themselves.
Then they're arguing about what to do with the balloons on the ceiling. All the balloons will face a bitter end.
14 minutes

Melly is back to fuck a balloon as hard as she can. Listen to her, join her, fuck a balloon. GERMAN SPOKEN
10 minutes

Alexis and Karol are riding 5 huge balloons to their last breath of air.
10 minutes

Tequila popps a lot of different balloons under her tight butt.
8 minutes

Alexis and Karol are playing with transparent balloons. They hide behind them, so you can watch them through the balloons.
Both girls are taking turns when blowing up one more transparent balloon. Finally they pop all the balloons with her fingernails.
8 minutes

Rebecca Volpetti enters her bed room with her beloved helium filled pink balloon.
She's attaching the balloon to her bed and starts to pleasure herself, while looking at the balloon.
As she falls a sleep, a soft slow-motion dream sequence begins, with Rebecca playing softly with a lot of pink balloons.
Incl. bonus scene Rebecca popping all the balloons used in the clip with a needle.
11 minutes

Karol is stomping quite a lot of balloon with her black High Heels.
6 minutes

Angel enters your room, teasing your hopes for an blowjob. But Angel has something different in mind, of course. The only thing that get's blown is an wonderful yellow balloon. 
7 minutes

Are you feeling lonely when you're playing with your balloons? Do you miss another voice sometimes?
Here is Melly, looking forward to loon with you, teasing you with sexy noises. GERMAN SPOKEN
8 minutes

Tequila pops a bunch of balloons with her cigarette.
9 minutes

Every pop of our 2015 clips cut after another. WARNING! COULD CAUSE HEARING DAMAGE
16 minutes

Alexis and Karol are giving the new ClubSteffi logo balloon a try. They are so tough, but Alexis can handle it. Balloons are now available here.
8 minutes

Alexis is back from horseback riding her black stallion, when she finds three black balloons on her sofa. If they can be ridden like a horse?
Alexis' giving it a try, wearing her riding outfit.
10 minutes

Anina is having a good time playing with her balloons. She has no clue, that evil Rebecca is already hiding behind her door.
Rebecca is purely enjoying the suspense. When she finally enters Anina's bedroom, a bad needle massacre takes place,
with Anina ending up in tears.
7 minutes

Melly is doing an very sensual blow-to-pop for you.
7 minutes

Angel is about to pop a bunch of balloon just using her body weight. Some balloons pop very quickly,
on other balloons she has to hump a little.
9 minutes

Tequila's blowing up one balloon, to pop it with her fingernails. 3 more balloons are getting popped by her nails and one by sitpop.
6 minutes

Alexis has a special treatment planned for her friend Karol. Alexis is pumping up that huge transparent airship balloon using her electric pump,
to bring Karol as high as possible. Of course Alexis wants to play with the medium filled balloon too, but the pop is just for Karol.
11 minutes

Rebecca is giving you a jerk off instruction first and then a countdown to come for her. At the count of 1 she pops both balloons with her fingernails.
4 minutes