Foxy has one orange 55" Cattex to play with. She's inflating it using her electric pump until it's soo big, that she has some trouble to get on it.
After bouncing in different positions, she opens the clip and rides it down. But that's not the end.
Foxy is riding down the 3 35" balloons from the background too.
12 minutes

This is a very natural scene, for people who love that. No big lights, no fancy camera moves. Just a girl blowing up one balloon, riding and deflating it.
8 minutes

Nathaly and Victoria are having a party on your lap. A lot of small balloons are getting popped.
12 minutes

Kiara is sittin' on one transparent balloon and blowing up another by mouth.
After gettin'a nice neck, she starts to ride it and let her juicy butt bounce on it. In the end both balloons are gettin' popped by her fingernails.
10 minutes

Tequila is resigning, but in this last clip with her, she's riding 3 last balloons for you.
9 minutes

Foxy starts to blow up one 14" Belbal by mouth. But she doesn't pop it that way. She's putting it on the floor next to the many others.
Now watch Foxy having fun popping all the balloons with her sneakers. Crowned by one last sitpop.
10 minutes

After she had seen my clip with Nathaly, Lola got jealous. She wanted to play with me too. And she came up with a scary idea.
First she’s blowing up one small balloon and puts it under my shirt.
Stuffed like this, I have to watch her doing a blow-to-pop. And of course, the balloon under my shirt gets popped too.
9 minutes

Here is Charlie Red with her very first regular b2p.

Kiara Strong is riding 3 Cattex 55" balloons in this non-pop clip.
She's bouncing on them in different positions before she opens the plastic clips and rides them down.
11 minutes

Foxy Sanie is sitpopping 4 Tuftex 17“ balloons. 2 of them have been blown up by herself.
10 minutes

Nathaly and Victoria are having a smoke break. Both girls inflate their transparent Unique 16“ balloons with smoke from their lungs,
before they pop them with the last embers of their cigarettes.
9 minutes

Ramona is riding a black Loonerworld printed Cattex 32“ balloon in this non-pop clip.
10 minutes

You find yourself in a dark hallway with Charlie Red and lots of balloons. But Charlie is not in the mood to play.
She starts to pop the balloons immediately - leaving a real mess.
12 minutes

You say summer, we say Kiara! Watch our new ClubSteffi Latina Kiara Strong trying to blow-to-pop one pink Belbal 14“.
She’s in- and deflating this balloon a couple of times, before she tries to blow-to-pop it.
But that balloon is too strong for her lungs. So her fingernail does the job finally.
8 minutes

Lola does what she can best. She's blowing up one balloon, sits on it and does a b2p.
Of course the first balloon is getting popped too, by her juicy butt.
6 minutes

Nathaly and Victoria are having two huge black balloons inflated already, and now the fun can start.
Both girls are riding these beauties in different positions. Nathaly is the first who want's to ride her balloon down.
After the loon is completely deflated, she takes a seat on Victorias balloon, and they ride it down together.
8 minutes

Ramona wants to do another b2p in front of you. She knows that you're a bit scared, but she will take care of that.
9 minutes

Lola is blowing up this ClubSteffi logo balloon three times. Finally she’s signing it for one lucky guy.
13 minutes

Nathaly Cherie is relaxing in her love boat and does an blow2pop. But she’s not sure why the balloon finally popped.
Was there an itch on the boat? Never mind - let’s do another b2p.
9 minutes

Tequila is giving up smoking but of course she's doing one last cigpop clip.
8 minutes

You are in bed with lovely Foxxi Black and she's popping a lot of balloons right in front of you - fingernails only.
10 minutes

Today we got Ramona in her first massacre scene.
She’s popping a buch of different balloons with her butt and fingernails, mostly commenting on how the pop worked for her.
11 minutes

Marcel sent us some of his beloved balloons to mess around with. And Nathaly and Victoria are very happy to do so.
They inflate the balloons by mouth and by electric pump. All balloons are getting popped in this clip, except the big one. That's for Marcel.
11 minutes

Lola has got this pre-streched  yellow GL1200 balloon and wants you to blow it up for her.
She's giving you commands (german spoken) to start and to stop the electric pump while she's riding this monster to the max.
10 minutes

Angel and Angelina are having some balloon fun in their rented dungeon. But they are not alone - somebody's watching.
But the hideout is not chosen very well, so Angel's noticing the guy behind the curtain.
Now the voyeur is in deeply trouble, as Angel and Angelina are starting to torture him, not only with balloons, also the furniture of the dungeon comes in useful.
16 minutes

Karol, totally nude, is blowing up one transparent balloon to ride it under her bare pussy and finally deflate it.
9 minutes

Nathaly Cherie is wearing her black Freddy push up leather pants and pops some balloons. Some sit- some fingernailpops.
9 minutes

Lucia and Tequila are having the best of both worlds.
First they deflate two balloons by riding them down, and then they pop two huge balloons with their fingernails.
10 minutes

Foxxi is having a bubble bath, but not without a balloon. She's doing a blow-to-pop with a pink Qualatex polka dot balloon.
7 minutes

Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy are blowing up two transparent balloons until you can see the moist from her breath inside them.
To increase the moist, they deflate and blow the balloons up again a couple of times.
After playing around with these balloons, they deflate them on the other girls nipple to get them wet too.
Finally both girls take turns in blowing up one more balloon, to mix their spit in it.
To check how wet the balloons have become inside, both girls are sticking their index fingers in the deflated balloon.
16 minutes

Remember bad ass Kitty? Watch her popping balloons in her very own angry way, in this previously unreleased clip.
4 minutes

Visit Angelina in the slaughterhouse. If you dare. This is a crazy place. Balloons get killed there with an axe.
4 minutes

New girl Victoria Puppy introduces herself with a b2p.
7 minutes

Karol and Alexis have put the camera on a tripod, so there are just you and them in the room. Alexis brought a heart shaped balloon to play with.
And they do pretty well. They take turns in blowing it up by mouth before the start to ride and bounce on it.
Finally the deflate the balloon by pushing their butts together.
9 minutes

Foxxi Black walks in, wearing a shiny black spandex body and gorgeous black high heels. Watch her teasing and torturing 11 black balloons.
All balloons are getting popped by her spiky heels of course.
7 minutes

Karol has her pink GL700 already inflated and is ready to ride it.
Watch her bouncing topless on this beauty, before she opens the clip and pushes the air out.
10 minutes

Lucie and Tequila are having a balloon race.
9 minutes

Katy Rose is using your body as an exercise mat today. She humping, bouncing and grinding her balloons on top of you.
Some pop by her fingernails and some by her bodyweight.
9 minutes

You have seen her already, but today Nathaly Cherie want’s to introduce herself like almost any other ClubSteffi girl did.
With a nice and smooth blow-to-pop right in front of you. And she does it with a lot of charm.
After the b2p she is very eager to pop all the other balloons around her too.
She’s using her finger nails and her juicy butt to make quite a mess.
7 minutes

Foxy Sanie has a lot of balloons on her bed, but only one is showing a pretty nice neck. Maybe it’s horny too.
Foxy grabs it and pleasures her pussy with it.
7 minutes

Foxxi Black is wearing tight jeans and pops a lot of rose and purple balloons under her butt and with her fingernails.
12 minutes

Tequila is smoking again, and she pops 7 balloons with her cigarette. 2 other balloons pop very unexpected.
10 minutes

Let’s start the new year with a soft erotic masturbation blow-to-pop by Karol Lilien.
6 minutes

Didn’t get what you wanted from Santa? Now here is Angelina preparing 5 different ClubSteffi balloons for you.
15 minutes

Katy Rose is popping a bunch of black balloon with her fingernails and her butt.
12 minutes

No one should be alone during the holidays. That's why I invited Nataly Cherie to spend some time with me.
And guess what, she brought a balloon to play with. And she really spoiled me. She let me touch the balloon and even wanted me to put some breaths into it.
Finally she deflated the balloon by pushing it against my lap.
10 minutes

Sick and tired of all that merry jingling?
So is Foxxi and she's having a Christmas party for the rest of us. Jump in the sunlit pool and pop some balloons with her.
7 minutes

Lucie, Tequila and Jule are having a balloon b2p race.
5 minutes

Foxy Sanie is quite athletic. Watch her bouncing and grinding on two huge red balloons, wearing nothing than shiny pink spandex leggings.
10 minutes

Karol is having a massive fingernail- and sitpopping massacre.
17 minutes