Alexis is back from horseback riding her black stallion, when she finds three black balloons on her sofa. If they can be ridden like a horse?
Alexis' giving it a try, wearing her riding outfit.
10 minutes

Anina is having a good time playing with her balloons. She has no clue, that evil Rebecca is already hiding behind her door.
Rebecca is purely enjoying the suspense. When she finally enters Anina's bedroom, a bad needle massacre takes place,
with Anina ending up in tears.
7 minutes

Melly is doing an very sensual blow-to-pop for you.
7 minutes

Angel is about to pop a bunch of balloon just using her body weight. Some balloons pop very quickly,
on other balloons she has to hump a little.
9 minutes

Tequila's blowing up one balloon, to pop it with her fingernails. 3 more balloons are getting popped by her nails and one by sitpop.
6 minutes

Alexis has a special treatment planned for her friend Karol. Alexis is pumping up that huge transparent airship balloon using her electric pump,
to bring Karol as high as possible. Of course Alexis wants to play with the medium filled balloon too, but the pop is just for Karol.
11 minutes

Rebecca is giving you a jerk off instruction first and then a countdown to come for her. At the count of 1 she pops both balloons with her fingernails.
4 minutes

Melly is back from the nail salon and eager to pop some balloons for you.
10 minutes

Karol is doing a wonderful smooth b2p for you, wearing sexy lingerie.
6 minutes

Rebecca and Anina are having fun with a bunch of transparent balloons.
They tease each other with the balloons and watch themselves through them.
After rubbing their bodies all over the balloons, they start to pop them, with their feet and fingernails.
Only the last big balloon survives.
12 minutes

German spoken story about what happened at Angel's last shooting.
5 minutes

Tequila and Melli are having a balloon race before they "clean up" their balloon filled bed together.
10 minutes

Anny Max is filling her yellow air ship balloon with her hand pump. Every 2-3 minutes she stops pumping,
so she can check how tight the balloon is. In the end she realizes, that she wants the balloon to get bigger between her tighs.
So she attaches the electric pump to the balloon and starts to ride it until the pump does it's job to pop the balloon under her butt.
12 minutes

Carry Cherry starts to blow up one transparent balloon between your legs. Once it has a proper size, she wants you on the bed,
to bounce with the balloon on your lap until it pops.
7 minutes

Rebecca pops 4 helium filled foil balloons, including one giant dinosaur.
11 minutes

Karol sitpops a bunch of balloons wearing 4 different all-over-printed leggings.
14 minutes

Tequila wants to inflate some balloons to play with, but accidentally her electric pump breaks.
She could use her own mouth, but why should she, when her slave girl Dusty is around.
8 minutes

Rebecca and Anina start to do a blow-to-pop race but they play way too rough, so it turns out to be a sitpop clip.
9 minutes

Anny Maax is back, wearing her tight white leggings and performs a couple of nasty sitpops for you.
9 minutes

Alexis and Karol want you to get a nice big balloon to sit on and start to jerk off on their command.
9 minutes

Marcel sent us a bunch of balloons and Tequila is taking care of them. She's in- and deflating some balloons as a present for Marcel
and pops all the other ones. She's using her electric pump to bring them to the max and pops some more
using her body weight, high heels or breath.
Part 2 - 13 minutes

Marcel sent us a bunch of balloons and Tequila is taking care of them. She's in- and deflating some balloons as a present for Marcel
and pops all the other ones. She's using her electric pump to bring them to the max and pops some more
using her body weight, high heels or breath.
Part 1 - 13 minutes

Carrie enters the living room and pops a lot of balloons with her fingernails and high heels.
6 minutes

Your new looner friend Rebecca Volpetti has already begun to play with her beloved balloons as you enter her bed room.
You are so sad that you have missed the blowing up of the balloon in Rebeccas hands.
But as a good looner friend that she is, she's letting the balloon fly, to blow it up again for you.
This gives her more time to enjoy the air ship balloon under her butt too.
10 minutes

Big boobed Anny Maax uses her red paint finger nails to pop 3 big blue balloons after playing with them.
10 minutes

Watch both girls smoking and blowing up that balloon between your legs,
before they pop it together, with the last embers of their cigarettes.
6 minutes

Karol is riding the big pink balloon in different positions. It's quite hard for her to balance, because it's so fucking big.
Finally she opens the clip and bounces the air out of it.
9 minutes

Tequila and Dusty are having a balloon race with a spicy stake. The looser gets his ass smacked.
5 minutes

Carrie is working her miniskirt butt on some transparent balloons.
6 minutes

Karol, wearing a skin tone pantyhose and high heels, is about to pop some lucky balloons.
7 minutes

Anny is sitting on a chair, well comfortably with a balloon under her butt. She tries to do a b2p but can't do it. Too tough for her.
So she's using her fingernails on the balloon in her mouth and the one under her butt.
8 minutes

Melly's a kind of kinky today. While blowing up that balloon, she's giving you a jerk off instruction.
german spoken - 4 minutes

Alexis Crystal is blowing up one pink "It's a girl" printed balloon. She's blowing by mounth and for some minutes using a plastic mouth piece.
She's making it big and tries constantly it's firmness by sitting on it.
Will it pop by Alexis body weight? Or is the balloon too tough for her? It will pop for sure. One way or another.
15 minutes

Tequila has 5 balloon prepared to get popped. As requested she's giving you a countdown from 10 to pop, to prepare yourself.
German spoken.
7 minutes

Dusty Moon is back, for some smoking hot balloon popping. Someone must have forgotten to clean his new years eve party up.
But Dusty is doing a great job in cleaning up, using her cigarette. One last balloon gets popped by her fingernails.
7 minutes

If you are living in a winter region, you'll especially enjoy this sunny rooftop blow-to-pop video with Alexis.
5 minutes

Carrie Cherry has decided to take on the big ones. She's blowing up one huge balloon by mouth until it explodes in her hands.
But that's not the end. There are two more balloons to be sitpopped.
8 minutes

Alexis and Karol are having a balloon race on their balloon filled bed. The winner can pop them all.
But of course she's sharing the privilege with her friend.
7 minutes

Karol needs variety. So she's inflated 3 mylar foil balloons for her pleasure.
She's teasing and pleasing them real good on her gorgeous body.
Finally two balloons get popped by her naked feet and one by her fingernails.
9 minutes

Anny Maax inflates one balloon by mouth, before she pops it, and four more balloons using her fingernails.
If you like balloons and big boobs, this one is for you.
9 minutes

Watch Lola preparing a balloon for one of our gift packs. She's blowing it up very softly and streches it with her body weight very tender.
This part has been very sensual, but Lola can be way more sensual when finally releasing the air out of the balloon very slowly.
10 minutes

Tequila and Angel are with you tonight, teasing your lap with their goodies. Both girls want your attention so much.
Every girl brought a balloon to blow it up for you. Guess who pops first?
6 minutes

Carrie is wearing black pantyhose while playing with some balloons on her bed.
One pops unexpected under her butt, and 3 more are getting popped by her sharp fingernails.
11 minutes

Alexis and Karol are having their annual xmas balloon party. They have her living room filled with red and green balloons,
but something is missing in the decoration. Right, the huge Merry Christmas balloon. They make it big, using their electric pump.
Once the big balloon is in place, the party can begin. Both girls do sitpops. fingernailspops and stomp some balloons with their High Heels.
Finally the huge green Merry Christmas balloon get popped by their fingernails.
8 minutes

Anny has something in her closet. A footpump, already with a balloon attached.
So Anny has nothing more to do, than watching herself in the mirror, while pumping the balloon to pop.

Mrs. Santa went from north pole directly into your lap, to blow-2-pop this lucky balloon right between your legs.
9 minutes

Lola want's to do an really sexy b2p, and she's well on the way. Her provocative look at you, while blowing up the balloon
and playing heavily with it's neck, will drive you crazy. Lola is so into the balloon that she can't resist to ride it couple times,
sadly she get's an unexpected (sit-) pop in the end.
8 minutes

Florian sent us a bunch of balloon to play with, and Alexis and Karol are taking good care of them.
They start with some High Heel stomps, before they crawl on the bed to do some sitpops and fingernailpops.
2 shiny transparent balloons are already pre-inflated, so the girls just have to blow them a little more to make them pop.
They go on by blowing up 2 balloons by mouth, before they pop them with their fingernails.
Finally they use the electric pump to bring the last 3 balloons to their maximum and beyond.
13 minutes

2017 is knocking on the door, so it's time to get rid of outdated balloons. Tequila is inflating one "Happy New Year 2016" balloon
with the electric pump, before she starts to bounce on it in different positions.
Finally she's putting the balloon on the ground and stomps on it to pop.
8 minutes

Petite Carrie is about to have a ballerina lesson with 3 huge bouncy balloons. She climbs on top of the first one and has a bouncy ride,
before she's letting the out of the balloon. The second balloon is too shy and pops immediately under her spandex butt.
The last and biggest balloon is in for some fun. Carrie can ride it in different positions,
before she opens the clip and pushes the air out of this magnificent balloon.
8 minutes