Nathaly Cherie is wearing her black Freddy push up leather pants and pops some balloons. Some sit- some fingernailpops.
9 minutes

Lucia and Tequila are having the best of both worlds.
First they deflate two balloons by riding them down, and then they pop two huge balloons with their fingernails.
10 minutes

Foxxi is having a bubble bath, but not without a balloon. She's doing a blow-to-pop with a pink Qualatex polka dot balloon.
7 minutes

Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy are blowing up two transparent balloons until you can see the moist from her breath inside them.
To increase the moist, they deflate and blow the balloons up again a couple of times.
After playing around with these balloons, they deflate them on the other girls nipple to get them wet too.
Finally both girls take turns in blowing up one more balloon, to mix their spit in it.
To check how wet the balloons have become inside, both girls are sticking their index fingers in the deflated balloon.
16 minutes

Remember bad ass Kitty? Watch her popping balloons in her very own angry way, in this previously unreleased clip.
4 minutes

Visit Angelina in the slaughterhouse. If you dare. This is a crazy place. Balloons get killed there with an axe.
4 minutes

New girl Victoria Puppy introduces herself with a b2p.
7 minutes

Karol and Alexis have put the camera on a tripod, so there are just you and them in the room. Alexis brought a heart shaped balloon to play with.
And they do pretty well. They take turns in blowing it up by mouth before the start to ride and bounce on it.
Finally the deflate the balloon by pushing their butts together.
9 minutes

Foxxi Black walks in, wearing a shiny black spandex body and gorgeous black high heels. Watch her teasing and torturing 11 black balloons.
All balloons are getting popped by her spiky heels of course.
7 minutes

Karol has her pink GL700 already inflated and is ready to ride it.
Watch her bouncing topless on this beauty, before she opens the clip and pushes the air out.
10 minutes

Lucie and Tequila are having a balloon race.
9 minutes

Katy Rose is using your body as an exercise mat today. She humping, bouncing and grinding her balloons on top of you.
Some pop by her fingernails and some by her bodyweight.
9 minutes

You have seen her already, but today Nathaly Cherie want’s to introduce herself like almost any other ClubSteffi girl did.
With a nice and smooth blow-to-pop right in front of you. And she does it with a lot of charm.
After the b2p she is very eager to pop all the other balloons around her too.
She’s using her finger nails and her juicy butt to make quite a mess.
7 minutes

Foxy Sanie has a lot of balloons on her bed, but only one is showing a pretty nice neck. Maybe it’s horny too.
Foxy grabs it and pleasures her pussy with it.
7 minutes

Foxxi Black is wearing tight jeans and pops a lot of rose and purple balloons under her butt and with her fingernails.
12 minutes

Tequila is smoking again, and she pops 7 balloons with her cigarette. 2 other balloons pop very unexpected.
10 minutes

Let’s start the new year with a soft erotic masturbation blow-to-pop by Karol Lilien.
6 minutes

Didn’t get what you wanted from Santa? Now here is Angelina preparing 5 different ClubSteffi balloons for you.
15 minutes

Katy Rose is popping a bunch of black balloon with her fingernails and her butt.
12 minutes

No one should be alone during the holidays. That's why I invited Nataly Cherie to spend some time with me.
And guess what, she brought a balloon to play with. And she really spoiled me. She let me touch the balloon and even wanted me to put some breaths into it.
Finally she deflated the balloon by pushing it against my lap.
10 minutes

Sick and tired of all that merry jingling?
So is Foxxi and she's having a Christmas party for the rest of us. Jump in the sunlit pool and pop some balloons with her.
7 minutes

Lucie, Tequila and Jule are having a balloon b2p race.
5 minutes

Foxy Sanie is quite athletic. Watch her bouncing and grinding on two huge red balloons, wearing nothing than shiny pink spandex leggings.
10 minutes

Karol is having a massive fingernail- and sitpopping massacre.
17 minutes

Angelina is getting her boobs all wet and shiny for your pleasure as she's blowing up one balloon between your legs. Finally she pops the balloon using her fingernails.
9 minutes

Every pop of our 2016 clips cut after another. WARNING! COULD CAUSE HEARING DAMAGE
14 minutes

Katy Rose is wearing her school girl uniform and takes a pussy ride on the black GL700.
11 minutes

Tequila is popping 7 balloons by bouncing and some with her fingernails. Enjoy her bouncing in slow-motion for some seconds.
8 minutes

You are on your back and Nathaly is between your legs, blowing up one black balloon. As naughty as she is,
she's drooling and spitting all over that balloon. This is quite a mess. What a nasty sight, seeing this white spit
running down the neck of the balloon. After humiliating you and your fetish, Nathaly popps the balloon with her fingernails.
9 minutes

Foxy Sanie is having a small fingernail and sitpop massacre with 10 rose and pink balloons.
8 minutes.

Foxxi is wearing a black skin tight spandex body while playing and teasing her black balloons.
Watch her gentle balloon play, her gorgeous body and her elegant high heels.
After taking her shoes off, she's pleasuring the balloons with her bare feet as well.
9 minutes

Karol is giving her best to blow-to-pop this pink polka heart balloon but she is just not strong enough.
So she's popping this beauty with her fingernails.
6 minutes

Angelina is blowing up one balloon by mouth to sitpop it, but it explodes right in her hands.
Luckily she has 4 more balloons waiting on her sofa to get sitpopped hands free.
8 minutes

Katy Rose is going nude on this huge transparent Loonerworld logo balloon.
10 minutes - non-pop

Edgar sent us some balloons to play with, and Tequila and Angel are happy to do so.
23 minutes

A job interview can be very stressing, especially when the boss of the company is such a stunning lady.
But it's the craziest moment, when she demands a b2p from you, to finally get the job.
5 minutes

Halloween is coming and it’s the right time for fear and terror.
Our black widow Foxy Sanie is about to scare some Halloween balloons for you.
9 minutes

Melly is already on the way to blow up this wonderful crystal blue balloon. She's blowing it up very slowly
so she can enjoy it the most. But it would be even better to feel the balloon growing under her naked belly.
So she takes her top off and takes the balloon to it's maximum and beyond.
8 minutes

Foxxi Black was a bit cautios when she entered the room, but then she attacked her first balloon and did her first blow-to-pop with no diffidence.
5 minutes

Alexis and Karol are pumping up one balloon together using the foot pump.
5 minutes

Katy has filled her bed with rose Unique 16" balloons to play with.
She's blowing up one more balloon until it's nice and round. But no, no popping today.
Katy is pushing the air out of this and one even bigger pre-inflated Unique 26" balloon.
10 minutes

Lola knows about you non-poppers out there and here she is, blowing up one ClubSteffi logo balloon for you.
Enjoy her provocative look at you and her puffy cheeks while blowing. Once the balloon has reached a good size, she just lets it fly.
11 minutes

Tequila and Lucie are some hard boiled balloon poppers, but today they bring her new plaything. Jule is a very natural girl from the countryside,
and today she will be teached in balloon popping. Tequila and Lucie are instructing her on how to pop her first balloons, before they join the action.
13 minutes

Angelina is wearing tight jeans, red heels and a red shirt. And of course she's blowing up one red balloon.
5 minutes

Foxy Sanie is showing us her acrobatic skills when popping a bunch of ClubSteffi balloons with her finger nails and high heels.
10 minutes

Angel and Angelina are having a balloonrace.
6 minutes

Karol is about to sitpop 5 black and 5 transparent Unique 16“ balloons on top of you.
8 minutes

Katy Rose introduces herself with a black Unique 16“ balloon blow-to-pop.
7 minutes

Lucie and Tequila are deflating one huge black monster balloon, but not before they have bounced on it.
8 minutes